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North Dakota will officially begin cracking down on bullying. Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed a bill into law April 22, 2011, which defines bullying in state law and outlines prevention policies for North Dakota public schools.  Something special: This law has a section for "Nonpublic Schools".



HB 1465

I could not resist - Here is a quote from two Senators who opposed this bill:

Senator L. "...kids need to learn how to handle bullying....It has victims relying on school staff and students to protect them from bullying. Staff will side with victims and reward kids for thinking and acting like victims. It'll promote a victim mentality and handicap kids for life."

Senator S. "People do need to learn how to stand up for themselves this is just another example of a nanny state government. Another program that uses up valuable minutes during the school day."

My comment: What kind of heartless people would say something like this?  I wouldn't want these people for my parents if I were being bullied in school.  Well, I'll tell you, someone who who would say something like this has the heart of a bully and doesn't want bullies to face the consequences of their actions.  They stand for the bully, but not the victim.  I would give you their names, but I feel they need to be "protected" from their own mental and verbal inadequacies.


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